Professional Guidance and Community support for the busy overachiever to take you from exhausted & overwhelmed to fit, healthy & in charge without neglecting your lifestyle and priorities
Find the Time. make a change. get fit for good!
Have You...
  • Dreamed of being a fitter, healthy, more disciplined & organized version of yourself?
  •  Found yourself searching endlessly for solution to find the time, the energy & the RIGHT program for your life but nothing seems to fit? 
  •  Overwhelmed & confused by all of the options out and wouldn't even know where to begin?
  •  Felt like maybe if you could just get your health and body on track everything else would fall into place?
It's Time to Take a Step Toward The Lifestyle You WANT!
If those thoughts sound familiar I have a solution that fit just right for you and YOUR life.
I know you're busy, you have goals, dreams and work...seemingly endless WORK. Yet you can’t help but think of all those people you meet and see on Instagram that seem to have it all. Perfect body, lucrative career that they love, and a beautiful family. How to they do it? They must have some secret!
To be honest, you’re right...they do! They have figured out what works for them. For Their lifestyle, for their body and their schedule.
But I know, you don’t have time to figure out the right way to plan or schedule or find the RIGHT workout. You’re busy, your to-do list is a mile long and you don’t have the energy to add fitness research to the list.
So, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you!
The Secret To PERFECT Adaptability...
Though my love for health began in college after graduating and stepping into the real world everything changed. Making the time wasn’t as easy, I moved across the country, started a job in the medical field, while working on studying and building a career in fitness. I had no time, no energy and no clue how to juggle everything and maintain the same fitness routine I had in college.
I eventually realized that’s because it wasn’t possible. The same routine that worked then wasn’t going to work now. And I made that same discovery with every shift in my lifestyle and career. The secret WASN’T the ‘Perfect’ routine to the “Right’ workout. The secret was Perfect Adaptability!
I needed to create a system that worked with my life and schedule. A system that held me accountable and kept me organized. And a system that was fluid, flexible and engaging.

I’m excited to share this system to help you create
the lifestyle you’ve always wanted!
Program Features:
Tracking and Organization Worksheets
  •  Time Management and Prioritization worksheet
  •  Goal & Habit Setting Worksheets
  •  Habit Tracker
  •  Workout Log
  •  Personalized Recipe Packet
  •  Portion Control Guide
Professionally Designed Workouts & Nutrition Guidance
  • Weekly 15min professionally designed workouts
  • Monthly stretch/warm-up video
  •  Monthly nutrition and lifestyle videos, articles and tips
  •  Movement of the month videos
  •  Access to Exclusive Membership Site
Community Support & Professional Consultation
  •  Access to Private Facebook Community
  •  Biweekly 30min Video Q&A with us!
A System That Works for YOU!
Finally start incorporating a system that fits into your life and start seeing and feeling the results you’ve always wanted!
Think about that elusive fitness goal of yours: lose those 20 lbs, gain muscle, beat that max on bench press, or just get back to feeling healthy! Fast forward and imagine you’re there! How do you feel then compared to how you feel now? Confident? Empowered? Strong? You deserve to feel that way, so why make yourself wait? Let’s get started today and make that reality!

These Are The Kinds of Results 
You Can Expect...
After Signing Up You'll Receive...
  Your intro packet to begin working through time management strategies.  
  You will then be invited to join the Facebook page and membership site. There you can introduce yourself and started getting to know the FitHappens Community and looking through the resources available in the membership site.      
   And your Personalized Recipe Packet within 24hrs
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These Are The Kinds of Results 
You Can Expect...
"Brian knew just how to get the most out of me by being responsive to my cues and challenging me. He is always aware of how I responded to the workout.  Now, I’m more focused on strength and balance and conditioning and less on my size. He is very aware that we have good days and bad days and adjusts to the other factors in our lives and adjusts the workout to match."
"Brian gives me constant feedback during workouts. I do triathlons and am getting older. Core strength helps me keep form in the three disciplines. After training with Brian the past 2 years, I’m much stronger and more confident in my ability to push through physical challenges. I definitely have had increases in strength and there are exercises I couldn’t even start that now I handle with ease!"
Bonus Consult Call!
We're adding an extra Bonus Feature for all new members this month!  When you sign up we'll contact you to schedule a 15 min consult call with us directly AND receive a Nutrition Questionnaire normally only available to Gold & Platinum training clients!  During your consult we will briefly discuss your responses to the questionnaire.*  This is also your opportunity to ask us questions about your personal goals, struggles or concerns related to your fitness program.  
* Your questionnaire must be completed and returned to us 24hrs prior  to your call in order to effectively discuss and strategize your nutrition action plan during the call.  How much time we spend discussing the questionnaire or answering uestions is entirely up to you! 
Your order is 100% Secured
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